Tattooist Biography

Lee Etherington

I was originally from Mayfield near Ashbourne, Derbyshire. I moved to South Gloucestershire in 1995. I completed my first tattoo in 1998, at the time I was still working but spending all of my spare time painting, drawing and tattooing. Right from the start I felt a true passion for body art and realised what an awesome responsibility and a real honour for me that people would show an incredible amount of trust and let me tattoo them. In the beginning I learned the profession alone. After visiting several conventions and watching well known artists and how they were working, what techniques and what equipment they were using. All this helped to accelerate the learning process.

Two years later I served an apprenticeship at the Skin Art Studios in Bristol for two years. Three years after that I moved back to Derby and opened Inka Tattoos in 2005. Since then I have hugely enjoyed creating body art for my clients and can't imagine doing anything else.

People often ask me what style of art work I prefer doing. There are certain types of body art I like seeing but I cannot describe which discipline I prefer tattooing. As you can see from the art in the gallery I am not committed to any trend and like doing any kind of style. I prefer working to customer demands and mental content as it is more satisfying bringing people's ideas to skin. I consider all of my body art to be equally important and are all prepared and designed as if it was for me.

A huge thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way, especially to my wife Michelle, for her understanding of the long hours and a demanding work load for my dedication and passion in Tattooing and Body art.

Thank you for spending time on our web site & hope to see you soon.

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